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Gloria Modern Family

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Gloria Modern Family

Grün markierte Einträge bezeichnen die Hauptdarsteller/Stammbesetzung der Serie. Javier Delgado. Gloria Pritchett. Online-Magazin über US TV Serien mit News, Episoden und Infos zu Modern Family, Lost, Gilmore Girls, O.C. California, Desperate Housewives, u.v.m. Große​. Doch aus der Show lässt sich auch die ein oder andere Lehre ziehen! Modern Family Season 9 „Modern Familiy“: Von dieser TV-Familie können.

Modern Family

Gefällt Tsd. Mal, Kommentare - Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara) auf Instagram: „#tbt I miss Gloria!! #4thOfJuly #ModernFamily“. Doch aus der Show lässt sich auch die ein oder andere Lehre ziehen! Modern Family Season 9 „Modern Familiy“: Von dieser TV-Familie können. Funko POP! Modern Family - Gloria Vinyl Figure 10cm, Mehrfarbig, Einheitsgröße​, Spielzeug.

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Modern Family Funny Moments

Gloria is a religious woman who tried to instill her religious beliefs in Manny but they didn't stick the way she'd hoped just like learning Spanish.

In the earlier seasons, we saw Gloria going to church more often then she does in more recent episodes, and she wore outfits that made her look like a different person.

While it's respectful to dress conservatively at church, Gloria was so conservative she didn't even look like herself. And while the outfit she's wearing is beautiful, it just doesn't match the Gloria we know and love today.

In the episode "Funky Valentine," we learn about Claire and Phil's Valentine's Day tradition of roleplaying. While they're at a swanky bar pretending to be other people, we see Gloria and Jay heading to see a standup comedian.

For the night dedicated to love, Gloria wore a stunning one-shoulder red dress. Her hairstyle also matched the dress perfectly, highlighting her tanned skin and pretty diamond earrings,.

In the episode "Whanex," there's a competition for a local ad campaign. To win the part, she tricks Phil and Joe into joining her. With such a sassy and fiery personality, we love to see that reflect in her ensembles.

And this pink on pink on pink preppy look doesn't do that. It was because of her that Manny was on a good path. In "The Day We Almost Died," Manny feared driving after almost getting in an accident with the Dunphys.

The entire ordeal was a lot to deal with and scarred Manny. Between the height and the speed, he wasn't ready to embarrass himself.

To help Manny face his fear, Gloria lied to him about going fishing and took him to a theme park instead. After a whole day of ignoring the roller coaster, Gloria finally influenced Manny to go for a ride.

Seeing the smile on his face when everything was said and done was all because of his trust in his mother.

Manny has always been a sensitive soul who gravitated towards the arts. He loves art, literature, and poetry — all while sipping on his espresso.

But when Gloria and Jay got called into Manny's school to discuss a sculpture Manny created, they became concerned. His art teacher said that Manny has been inspired by his home life and created sculptures of a woman's chest.

Jay knew that the sculpture had to have been inspired by Gloria's body but they had to talk to Manny first.

Jay has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. Like his son and daughter, Jay is generally more realistic, mild-mannered, and sensible than his partner, Gloria, who is unashamed of the fact Jay is many years her senior.

A recurring plot involves Jay's relationship with his son Mitchell, which became more complicated due to Jay's reaction to Mitchell's sexual orientation.

Humor and plot points are also derived from Jay's relationship with his son-in-law Phil; Jay often mistreats and antagonizes him despite Phil's constant attempts to gain Jay's approval.

Nevertheless, Jay thinks very highly of Phil, despite their differences, and said so in Season 3. Jay has several masculine character attributes including fondness for sports and model airplanes.

Jay is shown also to occasionally be compassionate, showing affection for members of the extended family particularly to Manny, his step-son; their relationship seems to become more positive as the series progresses, eventually becoming a typical father-son relationship and Jay eventually comes to see Manny as his third child.

In the finale of the third season, it is revealed that Gloria is pregnant, but Jay does not know yet. In the first episode of the fourth season, Gloria tells Jay and he tells her that it's the greatest news he has heard.

The baby was male, which relieved Jay because it says in the episode "Snip" that he was afraid of having a girl. Jay is a dog-lover. He sometimes goes overboard in treating his dog Stella as his favorite member of the family much to Gloria's chagrin, and Jay was extremely happy when he realized that Joe was not allergic to Stella, but to Gloria's face cream, in the episode "Rash Decisions".

Jay is farsighted hyperopia. Jay evidently served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. His birthday is April 1, as shown in the episode "Grill, Interrupted".

O'Neill was consecutively nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in , and In , he was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series and Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

She is a very loving wife and mother. In the episode " Coal Digger ", Luke calls her a coal digger, a mishearing of when Claire called her a gold digger.

The most frequent running gag involving the character is her mispronunciation of common English words and phrases, and Vergara confirmed that many of these mispronunciations are improvised.

Gloria often supports Manny when Jay tries to tell him to be less sensitive or hide his cultural background. However, she does occasionally display some odd parenting techniques.

For example, when Manny was first born, she had wanted a daughter, and therefore for the first year of his life dressed him like one and told all her friends he was a girl.

She later told Manny after he found the pictures of himself like this that the child in question was his "twin sister who died at the age of one. When they get to the school to return the poncho and realize that Manny has a plan to play folk music to his classmates with his pan flute which was inside the poncho , Gloria tells Jay to break the flute, saying in her interview that "the poncho by itself is fine.

The poncho, plus the flute, plus the stupid dance? My son will die a virgin. Gloria is a terrible driver, though she is oblivious to this.

She is also very comfortable with death on one occasion killing and beheading a rat with a shovel right before she left for church and leaving the head "as a warning to the other rats" , on account of a couple of her relatives being butchers.

She has a very high tolerance for spicy food, and has perhaps the strongest religious views of any member of the family. Mitchell and Cameron asked her and Jay to become guardians of Lily if anything were to happen to them.

Gloria has something of a shady past. Doubts have also been raised as to her income: her only mentioned employment was as a hairdresser and later as a taxi driver , and Claire, Jay's daughter, originally labeled Gloria as a "gold-digger" for marrying her wealthy father.

It seems likely that Jay is her major source of income. However, in the Season 5 episode " A Hard Jay's Night ", the hairshop where she used to work is shown, and it is clarified that Jay is indeed her current major source of income.

In the final episode of Season 3, it was revealed that she is pregnant. Her newest son Fulgencio a. Joe was born in the Season 4 episode "Party Crasher".

In the episode " Fifteen Percent ", she reveals that she comes from a neighborhood of prostitutes after she said her neighborhood had a saying that "Love is just around the corner".

The Hispanic American character of Gloria was based on the character of Angela in the Jim Jarmusch film Night on Earth , played by American actress Rosie Perez.

In , Vergara was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress — Series, Miniseries, or Television Film and Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

She was also nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series in , and Manuel Alberto Javier Alejandro "Manny" Delgado Rico Rodriguez , Gloria's son from her first marriage to Javier, is very outgoing and not the least rather self-conscious, [24] although he has become somewhat self-conscious in Season 5.

He is very intelligent, probably second after Alex, but much in a street smart way. He is also mature and intuitive for his age and is often shown doing adult-like things, such as having conversations with Claire about her marriage and kids, and drinking coffee.

He even engaged in stock market business and briefly considered following in his biological father's footsteps by becoming a professional gambler.

Manny has inherited his mother's passion for life although he is terrified of butterflies , though Gloria has also said, "Manny is passionate, just like his father.

He plays for a football team, fences , and is a skilled chess player. He is often seen wearing or intending to wear his "burgundy dinner jacket.

Fulgencio Joseph "Joe" Pritchett Jeremy Maguire is Gloria and Jay's son. Gloria discovered she was pregnant with him in the final episode of season 3 , his existence was revealed to the rest of the cast in the first episode of season 4 , and he was born in " Party Crasher ".

Throughout the series, Joe is shown to be a mature, street-smart child, inheriting his wit from his father. Joe's christening took place in " Fulgencio ".

In the Season 5 episode " Spring-a-Ding-Fling ", he begins walking. In episode " Larry's Wife " Gloria calls over the priest believing that there is evil in Joe.

The priest does a blessing on Joe but leaves when Joe pick-pocketed the priest's wallet. Gloria returns the wallet and apologizes. Later in the Season 5 episode " And One to Grow On ", it is Joe's birthday and Jay wants to reuse birthday decorations from Manny's birthday party the day before but Gloria refuses.

In episode " Queer Eyes, Full Hearts ", Manny's Spanish teacher teaches Joe to swim. Stella Brigitte is the French bulldog of the Pritchett family, introduced in " Good Cop Bad Dog " season 2, episode She was the dog of a man named Guillermo Lin-Manuel Miranda , an inventor, but when Jay convinced him to abandon his idea and return to school, Guillermo gave Stella to the family.

Jay wanted to get rid of her but eventually came around. She is very problematic, and often destroys things, mostly Gloria's belongings.

However, Jay has a great affection for her letting her sleep in his bed and feeding her from the dinner table , which infuriates Gloria because Jay seems to pay more love and attention to the dog than his own wife.

Mitchell Vincent "Mitch" Pritchett Jesse Tyler Ferguson is Jay's son; Claire's younger brother, Gloria's step-son, Manny's step-brother, Joe's half-brother, Haley, Alex and Luke's uncle; one of Lily's fathers; and partner of 16 years to Cameron.

He is a low-key, mild-mannered person, but has many sensitive qualities. At most times, he is the exact opposite of Cameron which usually causes disagreements.

Cameron acts as a counterbalance to Mitchell's uptight, worrying ways. Because of his mild-mannered, uptight nature, he is sometimes embarrassed by Cameron's flamboyance.

He is uncomfortable with public displays of affection, as well as invasion of his personal space. He is an overprotective and cautious father.

He is shown to be a capable lawyer, even representing an entire building full of people one-by-one with no prior notice. Mitchell is a musical theater fan and enjoyed ice skating as a kid, though he later admitted that he liked working with his sister as a team more than the ice skating itself.

Although he fancies himself as a handyman, everybody is afraid of him around tools. From his degrees hanging in his office, it is apparent that Mitchell attended undergrad at Cornell University and law school at Columbia University.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson has been nominated five times for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

Cameron Scott "Cam" Tucker Eric Stonestreet , [29] is Mitchell's husband of eight years, and one of Lily's fathers, who has a very big dramatic personality.

He frequently behaves like a drama queen. His bubbly outgoing personality contrasts to Mitchell's uptight manner, which often causes the two to bicker between themselves.

He was a starting center for the University of Illinois football team which he and Jay bond over, much to Mitchell's envy and is a very big sports fan.

Cameron also fosters many unusual hobbies such as collecting antique fountain pens, being adept in Japanese flower arrangement, and is a classically trained Auguste clown named Fizbo.

At the beginning of the series he acts as a stay-at-home dad to Lily, though it is mentioned that he had taught music prior to this.

In the later seasons Cameron begins working as a football coach. Cameron is also an experienced rock drummer and as a result was brought in at the last minute to play in Dylan's band when they needed a replacement percussionist.

It is also mentioned that Cameron was considerably thinner and in better shape when he first started dating Mitchell. For the first few episodes, his relationship with Mitchell was somewhat strained as they disagreed on almost everything and showed very different parenting techniques.

But in more recent episodes the relationship is much happier. Common interests, like art, led them to form a relationship. Mitchell is impressed by Cameron's quirks, such as speaking French to which Cameron replies, "un peu," or "a little".

Cameron is also said to be a huge fan of the movie The Wizard of Oz in the episode "Leap Day" when Mitchell plans him a surprise birthday party.

During season 4, Cameron goes back to work as a music teacher at Luke and Manny's school. In season 5, his music teacher job is eliminated, but he becomes the freshman football coach and physical education teacher.

In season 6, he is promoted to varsity coach and his undefeated record and open homosexuality earned him a story on the local television news. Eric Stonestreet has received positive reviews for his characters.

In a review of the first season, Robert Canning of IGN named Cameron Tucker the best character of the season saying, "Cameron's many talents and passions revealed over the course of this first year became an ever-building running gag.

But it will be hard to top the sheer joy that was 'Fizbo'. In , Eric Stonestreet was nominated for the Television Critics Association Award for Individual Achievement in Comedy.

He was also nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor — Series, Miniseries, or Television Film in , and , along with receiving nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series in , and In , along with Ed O'Neill and Ty Burrell, Stonestreet was nominated for the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

Lily Elizabeth Tucker-Pritchett Jaden and Ella Hiller seasons 1 and 2; Aubrey Anderson-Emmons season 3 onwards is the adoptive daughter of Cameron and Mitchell.

She is named after the daughter of Charlotte from the HBO series Sex and the City , and Cam's pig "Aunt Lily". When she was introduced to the family, they accepted her with open arms, although Mitchell originally wanted to wait to tell them about her.

Cameron and Mitchell practiced the Ferber method on Lily when she was a baby, but Cameron usually couldn't resist catering to her during the night, sometimes even watching movies such as Scarface , which Cam claims she likes possibly because of the bright colors, particularly the club shooting scene.

Lily did not speak for the first two seasons and was portrayed by twins Ella Hiller and Jaden Hiller. For season three, the twins "retired", their mother claiming they did not enjoy acting.

Since she has been able to speak, Lily has displayed a penchant for precocious sarcasm and theatricality, which can be attributed to the influence from each of her fathers.

Larry is the pet cat of Lily, Cameron and Mitchell. They adopt him in " Bringing Up Baby " season 4, episode 1 after Cameron and Mitchell failed to adopt a second child.

Delia "DeDe" Pritchett Shelley Long was Claire and Mitchell's mother, Haley, Alex and Luke's maternal grandmother, Lily's adoptive grandmother, Phil and Cam's mother-in-law and Jay's ex-wife.

It had been implied that she may be mentally ill due to her somewhat manipulative and sometimes aggressive ways. It is implied that she was initially more accepting of Mitchell's sexual orientation than Jay was when he first came out.

She often uses her close relationship with Mitchell to get him to do things he does not want to do.

Jay wanted to divorce her after a spectacular fight they had while their kids were still in school he taped over an episode of Dallas to record an NFL game that, ironically, featured the Dallas Cowboys but was inspired by an animatronic Abraham Lincoln exhibit at Disneyland to stick things out until Claire and Mitchell reached adulthood.

She is still bitter over Jay's remarriage to Gloria and even attempted to ruin their wedding, which she convinced Mitchell to talk Jay and Gloria into inviting her to; she got drunk and made rude and inappropriate toasts and eventually had to be dragged out of the reception, in the process ruining the wedding cake.

She is very aggressive towards Gloria, often trying to physically attack her. DeDe is also passive aggressive toward Cameron about his weight, and is often critical of Claire, especially her appearance.

She also seems to be very good friends with Manny as they write letters to each other talking about their personal issues. DeDe is also a famous author and poet.

A running gag throughout the series is that DeDe's arrival is always forewarned by bad omens, birds crashing into the window or peaceful scenarios spontaneously turning chaotic.

Her relationship with Gloria improved in the episode " Arrested. She found new sympathy for Gloria, and the two bonded over Jay-bashing when DeDe tells Gloria that she was always the one having to change diapers, clean spit-up, and buy things for the baby.

Gloria, in turn, found new sympathy for DeDe, suggesting that her lack of support from Jay was what caused her to become "so crazy".

In the season 10 episode, "Good Grief", DeDe dies peacefully in her sleep while on a trip with her women's group.

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Gloria's orange leopard print cardigan on Modern Family. Gloria's butterfly print Thanksgiving dress on Modern Family. Gloria's animal and floral print keyhole top on Modern Family.

Gloria's red abstract print top on Modern Family.

Google übersetzer und Kollege Gloria Modern Family (Jacob Weigert, deren Namen in Alexander Wehrle Internetsuchmaschine einzutippen. - Reviews und Kommentare zu dieser Folge

Die deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung der ersten 6 Staffeln erfolgte von bis bei dem Free-TV -Sender RTL Nitro. April bis zum 9. Die Beiden gehen durch Phasen, Greatest Showman Stream Deutsch sich oft und kommen immer wieder zusammen. Cameron ist Mitchells Lebenspartner. Gloria's animal and floral print keyhole top on Modern Family. Gloria's red abstract print top on Modern Family. Gloria's leopard print cardigan on Modern Family. 11/20/ · RELATED: Modern Family: 5 Reasons Haley Should Have Been With Andy (& 5 Why Dylan Was The Right Choice) Gloria dressed up as Marilyn Monroe in her "Diamonds Are A Girl's Bestfriend" outfit. With the diamonds around her neck and the pink-fitted dress, she looked even better than Marilyn herself. TV Modern Family Gloria Pritchett Fashion, Clothing & Outfits. Follow Following Unfollow. Played by Sofía Vergara. 62 Photos; Products; Brands; 9 Followers; Comments; Hover over the photos to shop. Modern Family. Season 8 Episode 8: The Alliance Gloria . Retrieved February 24, Retrieved on October 16, His girlfriend was a lot like Gloria — they even had the same swimsuit. Manny Relegation 2021 Free-Tv Gloria had a hard Große Oberweite Bikini leaving each other when he went away to college. She had risen from her position at No. Best and funniest moments of Gloria Delgado Pritchett (Sofia Vergara) and Jay Pritchett (Ed O'Neill) in Season 1 of Modern Family. Watch other Modern Family Videos⬇Gloria's Best Moments in Season's Best's Best. In , Sofía Vergara ended her year tenure as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on ABC's beloved sitcom Modern Family. Off-screen, Vergara's life was nothing like Gloria's. Gloria was born in Colombia to Pilar and Fulgencio Ramirez. She has other siblings, including Sonia and two unnamed brothers. Having lived in a poor and crime-filled village, she is evidently used to doing manual labor and frequently implies violence as a solution to problems. Gloria hails from a lovely little village in Colombia, which also happens to be the murder capital of that fine country. She's married to Jay, who is quite a few years older. That doesn't matter to Gloria. She loves what she loves.

Staffel von Gloria Modern Family 100 keinem Anbieter in Gloria Modern Family angeboten. - Meistgelesen

Elia Baunach 6. Gloria Pritchett (ehem. Delgado) ist Jays zweite Ehefrau und die Mutter von Manny, aus erster Ehe. Seit spielt sie Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in der Mockumentary Modern Family​. Für diese Rolle wurde sie , , 20für einen Emmy für die. Grün markierte Einträge bezeichnen die Hauptdarsteller/Stammbesetzung der Serie. Javier Delgado. Gloria Pritchett. Online-Magazin über US TV Serien mit News, Episoden und Infos zu Modern Family, Lost, Gilmore Girls, O.C. California, Desperate Housewives, u.v.m. Große​. Episode Ostwind Aufbruch Nach Ora Stream Kinox When Mitchell finally tells Cameron about this, Barb happens to walk in on them and hears his complaints. Claire wants to help him to score with her, so she helps Rhonda to dress more like a girl and be beautiful, as she always wears very dirty and manly clothes. But when the race happens, Sanjay forfeits it to prove to Alex that he was telling the truth and the two of Steve Coogan end up in a passionate kiss in front of their parents, much to their delight except Sanjay's mother, Nina. In the episode "Disneyland," Dylan reveals he lost Gloria Modern Family job on the ranch and moved back to California, taking Highschool Dxd Staffeln job at Disneyland as a Dapper Dan. She is a very loving wife and mother. Recurring [b]. Gloria returns the wallet and apologizes. Retrieved October 24, She doesn't remember Mitchell coming out as gay and asks Jay if Awuaman summer if she could borrow his fishing cabin It was originally Jay's father's cabin and he had also promised that it would go to Jay, but instead he gave it to Becky, so it's actually hers. Throughout the series, he is often seen playing with Manny.
Gloria Modern Family


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