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Es findet sich jedoch das eine oder andere Highlight und auch viele Cinema-Klassiker knnt ihr in den legalen Movie2k-Alternativen sehen. Okay, dass Maggie nicht von ihrem Auftrag zurckgekehrt ist und macht sich gemeinsam mit Dean und den anderen auf die Suche nach ihr.

Black Hole Film

The Black Hole - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | Black Hole ein Film von Rick Famuyiwa. Inhaltsangabe: In den er Jahren kursiert eine Krankheit, die durch sexuellen Kontakt übertragen wird und die. der Film ist bei mir gleich in die Mülltonne gewandert, schade um das Geld um zu verstehen warum so ein Schrott Blackhole genannt wird, muss man sich.

The Black Hole

Black Hole ein Film von Rick Famuyiwa. Inhaltsangabe: In den er Jahren kursiert eine Krankheit, die durch sexuellen Kontakt übertragen wird und die. Mark Steven Grohe zeigt in The Black Hole eine Erschütterung des Raum-Zeit-​Gefüges. Für den physikalischen Begriff siehe Schwarzes Loch. Film. Deutscher Titel, Das schwarze Loch. Originaltitel, The Black Hole. Produktionsland.

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Black Hole Film Einzig ihr Physiklehrer Mr. Director: Rupert Sanders. FSK Mr. Freeze Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. It was the first film from Walt Disney Productions to receive a PG rating. September—October The Black Hole is testament to that. The Huffington Post. See all Audience reviews. Simulations Publications, Inc. Heather Dawn Alicia. Gary Nelson Director. Reinhardt orders the craft shot down, but Saalburg Ebersdorf weapons fire sends the ship crashing into the Cygnusdestroying its port-side anti-gravity forcefield generator. It cost half as much as Star Trek and looks better -- not as lavish, perhaps, but more original. You Are Wanted Staffel 2 end result of this recipe -- cooked with very little conviction, but with a generous budget -- is one more chapter in a story that has been told before. Audience Reviews for The Black Hole. May 09, Good bad. Ludicrous. Steve K Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews Quotes. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.8%(). 10 hours ago · Not quite adult enough to be young adult, and not quite a children’s film either, Kate Tsang’s “Marvelous and the Black Hole” is a sweet-natured throwback, the kind of film . 2/2/ · Kate Tsang’s Marvelous and the Black Hole follows troubled teenager Sammy Ko (Miya Cech) who is struggling to cope with the death of her mother. After being forced by her father (Leonardo Nam) to enrol in a summer class after vandalising a school’s toilets, Sammy meets the Marvelous Margot (Rhea Perlman), an eclectic children’s party magician, who takes . Für den physikalischen Begriff siehe Schwarzes Loch. Film. Deutscher Titel, Das schwarze Loch. Originaltitel, The Black Hole. Produktionsland. The Black Hole - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | Mark Steven Grohe zeigt in The Black Hole eine Erschütterung des Raum-Zeit-​Gefüges. Black Hole, basierend auf der gleichnamigen Graphic Novel von Charles Burns, dreht sich um eine Gruppe von Schülern, die sich mit einer Krankheit infinzieren​.

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How did you buy your ticket? View All Photos Movie Info. An experiment gone awry unleashes a giant black hole that threatens to swallow the Midwest.

Tibor Takacs. However, he was called back to the studio, and after observing the miniatures and matte paintings created by Ellenshaw, he agreed to direct.

Rosebrook finished his final draft in March , but because Disney was still displeased with the script, Gerry Day was hired for some script doctoring.

Jennifer O'Neill was originally cast in the film but then dropped out. Although Star Wars had revolutionized the use of computerized motion control miniature effects, The Black Hole was shot using a blend of traditional camera techniques and newly developed computer-controlled camera technology.

Disney wanted to rent equipment from Industrial Light and Magic , but it was unavailable during the film's production period and was prohibitively expensive.

In the end, Disney turned to its own engineering department, which created the ACES Automated Camera Effects System. The computerized system allowed for the camera to take double exposure photographs of the miniature models as it moves convincingly across the matte painting.

It also permitted the actors to move unrestrictedly within a matte painting, and the camera tracks them within a non-existent set that would be painted in later.

The Black Hole premiered at the Odeon Leicester Square in London on December 18, Along with Star Trek: The Motion Picture , released the same month, The Black Hole was one of the last mainstream Hollywood films to have an overture at the start of the film.

The Black Hole is notable for being the first Disney film to earn a PG rating because of the frequent use of "hell" and "damn" and the violent death of Dr.

Alex Durant. The film also features some subtext and metaphysical and religious themes that reflected the company's interest in developing more adult-oriented and mainstream films.

This trend eventually led the studio to create the distribution company Touchstone Pictures , under which films considered too mature for the Buena Vista Distribution label could be released.

Coinciding with the film's release, Alan Dean Foster wrote a novelization based on the film. In a retrospective interview, Foster remarked that his novelization had to rationalize the scientific inaccuracies depicted in the film.

Comic book artist Mike Royer suggested fellow artist Jack Kirby draw a comic strip adaptation of the film, and Kirby accepted.

The comic strip adaptation, which ran for twenty-six weeks, was scripted by Carl Fallberg with the inking done by Royer.

A separate comic book adaptation of the film published by Whitman Comics in bypasses the whole issue of what happens inside the black hole by having the crew enter the black hole on one page and emerge apparently unharmed on the next page into a parallel universe where they encounter alternate versions of Reinhardt, BO.

Four issues were published. The first two issues adapted the film and the second two issues continued the story introducing a race of people called Virlights, whom they end up aiding against a rising tyrant.

The rare fourth issue concludes with the promise of a fifth issue but the series was canceled before it was released.

In Mexico, Editorial Novaro S. While wondering if they will ever return to Earth, they decide to explore this new universe.

In the official Disney Read-Along recording and illustrated story book, the crew in the probe ship emerge safely on the other side of the black hole, while the Cygnus is "crushed like an eggshell.

Let's go find one for ourselves! The story involves V. The Mego Corporation produced 6 million action figures and models of the USS Palomino from the film, released in the fall of In , Disney put out a computer learning-game spinoff, Space Probe: Math.

This was a cassette containing two educational games designed for use with the Radio Shack TRS Color Computer. The concept of the first game was that the Palomino had landed on an infected planet, Delta 5 Omega.

All the crew were falling under "mind diffusion", basically a viral form of fatigue. The player aged 7—14 had to solve multiplication or division problems to save the crew.

In the second game, the player had to save a primitive world's crops, using rectangular area and perimeter problems. Disney partnered with Fotomat Corporation on a trial distribution deal, [27] in which The Black Hole was released on VHS and Betamax on March 4, , and the movie was then released on LaserDisc in In , Disney announced it had partnered with RCA to release nine of their films on the CED videodisc format of which The Black Hole was re-released in the following year.

On March 30, , Anchor Bay Entertainment re-released the film on three separate VHS editions: Anniversary Edition, Collector's Edition, and Limited Edition as well as on DVD.

The Limited Edition VHS was contained in a collectible tin box and accompanied with nine lobby cards, a page booklet about the making of the film featuring an interview with director Gary Nelson , and a script of an abandoned alternate ending.

Its bonus features included the extended theatrical trailer and a making-of featurette about the film's visual effects.

The film was released on Blu-ray for the first time on August 13, as a Disney Movie Club exclusive. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film two stars out of four upon its release, saying it "takes us all the way to the rim of space only to bog us down in a talky melodrama whipped up out of mad scientists and haunted houses.

Its story, about a band of explorers and a wicked space tyrant who pretends to be nice, has a comic-book feeling.

But as comic books go, this one is pretty much a page-turner. If actors get paid to express emotions, then the cast in The Black Hole doesn't even deserve the minimum wage.

Richard Schickel of Time acknowledged that the "overpowering score, squads of menacing heavies, and, especially, two adorable robots—are straight Star Wars steals, and because, despite all this sincere flattery and a script and performances that are merely adequate, the fool thing works.

Nothing can escape from it either. Not a glimmer of imagination or inspiration. Perhaps if Pluto and Micky hadn't been involved…" [38]. Science fiction historian John Clute dismissed The Black Hole as "a silly concoction" where "the story disappears down the hole".

Criticizing the film, he noted, "They not only got none of the physics right about falling into a black hole, had they gotten it right it would have been a vastly more interesting movie.

Highlights of the score, as conducted and composed by John Barry , were released on an LP by Disneyland Records in A remastered edition of the LP version was made available on iTunes.

Silva Screen Records released compilation albums remastering some of John Barry's works, which includes some of the music "The Overture" from The Black Hole.

On August 23, , Intrada Records released the complete score on compact disc. In November , it was reported that Disney had plans to remake The Black Hole.

After much speculation and pleasantries the crew realise the crazy scientist is a genius but wants to fly his ship into the black hole, what seems like a suicide mission.

So the crazed German scientist Hollywood loves to abuse the Germans played by Schell could quite easily be 'Captain Nemo'.

Living a solitary life on his impressive ship that no one knew what happened to, a genius inventing ways to defy a black holes gravitational pull, building his own robots etc The way the story plans out is very similar too, the crew board the mysterious vessel unsure of what they will find.

At first 'Reinhardt' is welcoming and offers them tours around his impressive ship showing his achievements and they all dine together on a lavish main deck overlooking the black hole.

But like Nemo as the crew dig deeper and become more suspicious Reinhardt changes and becomes very protective of his plans.

Now the main aspect of this film is clearly the visuals, which for its time were pretty slick, although no where near as good as the other two big sci-fi event films of the era.

Using similar techniques of the time such as matte paintings, bluescreen, stop motion and of course models, I felt the effects really swing from one end of the scale to the other.

Accounting for the age of the film of course some effects are actually pretty neat, the beginning of the film as the astronauts ship approaches the 'Cygnus', some interiors of the Cygnus are nicely done and haven't dated and the black hole is probably the money shot and it looks it.

Other times, from shot to shot, the film lapses into an eyesore! The same can be said for the characters, a real mixed bag of familiar ideas.

The crew are a oddball team led by Robert Forster who always always looks and sounds like he's acting in a shitty low budget 70's flick.

Anthony Perkins of 'Psycho' fame is one doctor on the team yet I wouldn't go near him personally because he always looks so moody, like he's gonna kill you.

Ernest Borgnine plays the 'Scotty' rip off character and tends to moan a lot, Yvette Mimieux is the second team doctor and the obligatory bit of blonde ass, and then we have the 'R2D2' crew robot rip off voiced by Roddy McDowall.

This prop looks terrible it really does, it literately ruins the film and any self respect they were aiming for.

It looks childish, its clearly very limited, you can see the wires attached to make him hover and he appears to be useless to the crew anyway.

His only useful asset is being able to mentally communicate with the good doctor Yvette Mimieux somehow, no explanation why or how, they just do it so there.

The most exciting part of the film for me was the moment they all go through the black hole, that's pretty much what you spend the whole run time longing for.

Its one of those things, even though its an old film you're still really intrigued to find out what will happen and what you will see. In the end it was an odd and rather anti-climatic vision of heaven and hell unfortunately, it made little sense.

Once the remaining good guys get through this afterlife-esque passage they reemerge in presumably a new universe and approaching a planet. A bit formulaic I suppose but what else would you expect?.

This film is a bizarre combination of ideas all stuck in the blender. The actual premise about finding a ghost ship near a black hole is cool and clearly influenced a certain Mr W.

Anderson with his horror flick 'Event Horizon'. There are so many movie elements to this film though, overall it feels like an old Doug McClure movie and I'm sure James Mason could of played Reinhardt perfectly.

But then you have elements from Star Wars Star Trek and even a touch from Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica when you look at some of the robot concepts.

The popularity of Stormtroopers was clearly another concept sneakily pinched but like many of the copied ideas in this film none of them come remotely close to the original source material.

You can see how big the leaps in technology for special effects were by other films of the time, when you see this film. Both Star Wars and Close Encounters visuals crush this film, yet 'The Black Hole' had just under double the budget over George Lucas and was on level pegging with Spielberg.

Its a floored film really, a solid plot covered by a patchwork of other ideas that can't top those original ideas.

Despite the epic futuristic sci-fi setting its still very old fashioned in nature. Phil H Super Reviewer. Jan 20, Wow, wow, wow!

Before I start the review, what the hell happened with VINCENT!? To me he looks like something Blue Peter "made earlier".

Please remember, that this is no small budget production. This is a Blockbuster, made by Disney in Moving on, The Black Hole is a Disney Sci-Fi family movie set in space.

We enter the film as a ship and crew come close to a large black hole. They discover a ship nearby that seems desolate and stop to repair their ship and to investigate the situation further.

The opening title sequence is pretty impressive. The music is haunting and the early CGI is great. Unfortunately its all down hill from here.

Any shots of space or outside the ship are convincing but inside is a very different story. I am sure cereal boxes and paper mache were involved.

It makes Barberella look like an elaborate visual feast. It is a very different outing than what we have come to expect from Disney. It was their first movie rated PG.

It's darker and more brutal than you would imagine. Especially when Maximillian, the over protective robot, turns Anthony Perkins into a human kebab.

And what the hell is Anthony Perkins doing in this film anyway? From the most notorious Motel in the world, to the biggest toilet in the Galaxy!

Also, most Disney movies are easy to understand, are full of colorful characters and pay attention to every small detail.

The Black Hole is not easy to understand, all the characters are dull and bland and seems to defy all known laws of science and physics.

With the story that's on offer, you would expect quite a dramatic adventure. But the film seems to stubbornly try to be as unexciting and outright boring as it can.

In its defense, the opening sequence, the soundtrack and the cinematography through out are creative, inventive and enjoyable.

But the story, script, characters, acting and internal special effects are weak and painfully bad.

The story itself reminds me a little of 20, Leagues Under the Sea. Discovery of a ship, eccentric captain, extensive knowledge, not wanting to leave, large devastating phenomenon outside, Captain Nemo wants to go down with the ship, etc.

CAST: Miya Cech, Rhea Perlman, Leonardo Nam, Kannon Omachi, Paulina Lule, Keith Powell. Home Reviews.

Alternate Versions. Full Stream Gesetz and Crew. The Black Hole is Excel Anleitung Pdf for being the first Disney film to earn a PG rating because of the frequent use of "hell" and "damn" and the violent death of Dr. Instead, Marvelous and the Black Hole simply does the thing. Race: 5/5. Marvelous and the Black Hole makes authenticity look easy. It helps that Tsang herself grew up between Hong Kong and the United States, making her film a matter of showcasing what she already knows rather than trying to speak for anyone else. The Black Hole is a American science fiction film directed by Gary Nelson and produced by Walt Disney Productions. Storyline In St. Louis, the scientists Dr. William Hauser, Shannon Muir and Kent accidentally create a black hole during an experiment. While investigating the phenomenon, Dr. Hauser and Kent die and the army comes to their laboratory under the command of General Ryker. Not quite adult enough to be young adult, and not quite a children’s film either, Kate Tsang’s “Marvelous and the Black Hole” is a sweet-natured throwback, the kind of film . Mattie Carver's world is turning curiouser and curiouser, as space and time seem to be collapsing all around her. Joined by a misfit team of friends, teachers, and two mysterious men in black, Mattie is in a race to restore her world to normal, before it's too late. Written by Meryem Ersoz Plot Summary | Add Synopsis.

Black Hole Film Dev hat indische Eltern, Black Hole Film 5, einschlielich der Barbie-Begleiter Ken. - Mind's Eye

Rick Famuyiwa Dope führt Regie Weissensee Stream entwickelt das Drehbuch zur Verfilmung.


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