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Netzkino ist der sympathische Flohmarkt unter den Streaming-Diensten. Hauptpersonen sind Jugendliche aus dem Kiez die noch am Beginn ihres beruflichen Lebens und ihrer persnlichen Entwicklung stehen.

Film Santa Claus - Kaufen Sie Santa Clause: Eine schöne Bescherung günstig ein. Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Santa Claus. Das Weihnachtsgeschäft ist verdammt hart. Das weiß niemand besser als der Weihnachtsmann. Santa Claus. Santa Claus - The Movie. USA, FilmKomödie. Der einfallsreiche Kobold Patch (Dudley Moore) strebt danach.

Santa Claus (The Movie)

Santa Claus (Orig.:Santa Claus: The Movie) ist ein US-amerikanischer Weihnachtsfilm aus dem Jahr Er erzählt zum einen die Geschichte von der​. Entdecken Sie Santa Claus und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Santa Clause 3 - Eine frostige Bescherung. Santa Clause – Eine schöne Bescherung (Originaltitel: The Santa Clause) ist der erste Teil der „Santa Clause“-Weihnachtsfilmtrilogie der Disney-Studios aus.

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Film Santa Claus Santa Clause – Eine schöne Bescherung (Originaltitel: The Santa Clause) ist der erste Teil der „Santa Clause“-Weihnachtsfilmtrilogie der Disney-Studios aus. Santa Claus (Orig.:Santa Claus: The Movie) ist ein US-amerikanischer Weihnachtsfilm aus dem Jahr Er erzählt zum einen die Geschichte von der​. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Santa Claus. Das Weihnachtsgeschäft ist verdammt hart. Das weiß niemand besser als der Weihnachtsmann. Entdecken Sie Santa Claus und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Santa Clause 3 - Eine frostige Bescherung.
Film Santa Claus Santa Claus: The Movie is a British-American Christmas film starring Dudley Moore, John Lithgow, and David Huddleston in the title role. It is the last major fantasy film produced by the Paris -based father-and-son production team of Alexander and Ilya Salkind. In , in a short film called Santa Claus Filling Stockings, Santa Claus is simply filling stockings from his pack of toys. Another film called Santa Claus and the Children was made in A year later, a film directed by George Albert Smith titled Santa Claus (or The Visit from Santa Claus in the United Kingdom) was created. The Santa Clause () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Santa Claus (sometimes also known as Santa Claus vs. the Devil) is a Mexican fantasy film directed by Rene Cardona and co-written with Adolfo Torres Portillo. In the late s in Mexico, 'Santa Claus' was a (literally) foreign concept. While not unknown, Santa was very much a gringo construct: children didn't get their presents at Christmas from Santa, but from the three magi of the New Testament. The movie was a very ambitious project for the time and place. Filming in color was an extravagance.

When this eventually came to nothing, Dudley Moore suggested his friend Burgess Meredith for the role, which he in the end won.

At the time of the film's announcement in the middle of , the British Press carried reports that diminutive actors such as David Jason , Patrick Troughton and Norman Wisdom would be cast alongside Dudley as fellow Elves.

This ultimately came to nothing. The elves in the film are portrayed as legendary beings known as the Vendequm. Vinge , the elves keep watch over all that happens in the world that borders their own magical realm.

The Vendequm are described as being extremely fond of children since, after all, only children can see them, due to the innocence of their youth.

The elves are fond of making things for children, and so they often journeyed out into the children's world, leaving their newly crafted toys where children would find them.

According to the novel, with the passing of each new century , and as civilizations continued to rise and fall, it became more and more difficult and dangerous for the elves to venture too far out into the human world.

Thus, the vast majority of the toys the elves made could not be given out, and were left to gather dust in their magnificent storeroom, the Toy Tunnel.

The novel also describes how, on a certain long-winter's night, the oldest and wisest elf of all, the Ancient One, foresaw the arrival of a man whose love for children would be equal to that of the elves.

The Ancient One believed that this man would be the one to whom the elves would grant full immortality , along with the ability to deliver the elves' gifts to children all over the world.

In addition to Patch, Dooley, Puffy, Boog, Honka, and Vout, the film's screenplay and cast listing features three additional elves: Groot, the Elves' Senior Chef ; Goober, the head of the Elves' tailoring shop, who crafts Santa's full red robes; and Goobler, who trains several of his fellow elves in the art of painting toys with their own beards.

Chicago Sun-Times critic Roger Ebert noted some positive points to the film, writing that the film "does an interesting job of visualizing Santa's workshop" and Santa's elves.

He also praised the film's special effects , particularly the New York City fly-over sequence involving Santa. Ebert also had some praise for Lithgow's "nice, hateful performance", but wrote that "the villain is not drawn big enough.

Vincent Canby of The New York Times was less positive than Ebert, calling the production "elaborate and tacky". He described the film as having "the manner of a listless musical without any production numbers".

Unlike Ebert, he offered little praise for the film's production design. Canby quipped that "Santa's workshop must be the world's largest purchaser of low-grade plywood" and that the flyover sequences with Santa "aren't great.

In his book Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas , critic Alonso Duralde lists Santa Claus: The Movie in his chapter of worst Christmas films ever.

His reasons include weak plot, garish production design, blatant product placement particularly for McDonald's , though Coke and Pabst Blue Ribbon are also prominent , and scenery-chewing overacting on the part of Lithgow.

Duralde ultimately concludes that the film is "a train-wreck of a Christmas film that's so very wrong that you won't be able to tear yourself away from it.

John Lithgow, in a interview, said, "It's just one of the tackiest movies I've ever been in. It seemed cheesy and it certainly never stuck It is huge over there.

I wish I had a nickel for every Englishman who's told me [it's their favorite film]. In England, that's half of what I'm known for.

The soundtrack score was composed and conducted by Henry Mancini , composer of the themes from The Pink Panther and Peter Gunn , with veteran lyricist and screenwriter Leslie Bricusse contributing five original songs.

The song "It's Christmas All Over the World " was written by Bill House and John Hobbs with Freddie Mercury in mind. In the end, Mercury turned down the project, stating that he felt that Queen had become overcrowded with requests to work on film soundtracks; as a result, Sheena Easton was ultimately chosen to record the tune.

As mentioned on the DVD commentary of the film by Jeannot Szwarc, Paul McCartney was asked to compose songs for the film. It is unknown why he did not do so in the end, but his song " Once Upon a Long Ago " had been indeed originally composed with the film in mind.

The soundtrack was originally released on record and cassette by EMI America Records in Soon after, it went out of print and remained unavailable until when it was released on CD as a limited run of copies which sold out immediately upon release.

This production suffered from several issues, most notably a master which had been subjected to heavy noise reduction resulting in a loss of sound quality.

In a deluxe three-disc set, including remastered tracks, outtakes and alternate versions and a page booklet, was released. Marvel Comics published a comic book adaptation of the film by writer Sid Jacobson and artist Frank Springer in Marvel Super Special The large, complex sets also added to the cost.

The Mexican film industry had never done elaborate fantasy or sci-fi until this project, so the set designers seem to have been given free rein.

This film did not receive a general release in the United States. The U. While billed simply as "El Diablo" "The Devil" in the credits, Pitch's character name in the original version is "Precio" "Price".

Santa Claus became a RiffTrax Live presentation in On December 15 of , Santa Claus was riffed in a livestream presentation by The Mads.

Categories :. Griffith titled A Trap for Santa Claus shows children setting a trap to capture Santa Claus as he descends the chimney, but instead capture their father who abandoned them and their mother but tries to burglarize the house after he discovers that she inherited a fortune.

Kleinschmidt , filmed partly in northern Alaska , feature Santa in his workshop, visiting his Eskimo neighbors, and tending his reindeer.

A year later, another movie titled Santa Claus was produced with sound on De Forest Phonofilm. Later films about Santa vary, but can be divided into the following themes shown below.

Some films about Santa Claus seek to explore his origins. They explain how his reindeer can fly, where the elves come from, and other questions that children have generally asked about Santa.

Frank Baum 's children's book of the same name, follows Santa being reared by a collection of mythical creatures who finally grant him immortality.

None of these films focus on Santa Claus's saintly origins. The feature film Santa Claus: The Movie , inspired by the Superman: The Movie , stars David Huddleston as Santa Claus and British actress Judy Cornwell as his wife Anya, shows how Santa and Anya are discovered by a clan of elves called the Vendequm.

Dudley Moore portrays Patch, the central character and main focus of the story; Burgess Meredith portrays their wise leader, the Ancient One, who reveals that Claus represents the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy, whereby he has been designated as "the Chosen One", whose mission it will be to deliver the elves' toys to children all over the world.

The film's prologue features Claus and Anya performing Santa-like duties in their home village, and strongly suggests Santa's saintly origins.

In this movie, Santa allies with Merlin the magician to battle the devil , who is attempting to trap Santa. The Night They Saved Christmas , starring Art Carney as Santa, likewise chronicles how Santa Claus and Claudia Baldwin Jaclyn Smith , the wife of an oil explorer, have to save the North Pole from explosions while Baldwin's husband is searching for oil in the Arctic.

Santa Claus: The Movie contains a subplot in which Santa Claus rescues Joe Christian Fitzpatric from his best friend Cornelia's Carrie Kei Heim evil step-uncle B.

John Lithgow. The latest films to depict Santa Claus in such a manner are The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe , and the DreamWorks film Rise of the Guardians , which is based on the book series The Guardians of Childhood by William Joyce.

In the Chronicles of Narnia film, Father Christmas James Cosmo supplies the Pevensie children with the weapons and tools they need to battle the White Witch Tilda Swinton.

In Rise of the Guardians , where is he referred to often as North Alec Baldwin , is shown as one of the main characters and leader of the Guardians, who are the heroes of the movie.

In the show South Park , Santa is often depicted with firearms; in the episode " Red Sleigh Down ", he battles Iraqis to try to bring Christmas to Iraq.

In the episode " A Woodland Critter Christmas ", he uses a combat shotgun to blast away Satanic animals who try to give birth to the AntiChrist.

Santa played by Nick Frost made a brief appearance at the end of the Doctor Who episode, " Death in Heaven ". In the following episode, which served as the show's Christmas special, " Last Christmas ", he plays a more prominent role.

It is eventually revealed that the scenes with him are the characters experiencing a shared dream, and he is their subconscious trying to help them wake up before they are killed.

At the episode's end, he successfully awakens the Doctor and Clara , reuniting the two. The Christmas With the Kranks , based on the John Grisham novel Skipping Christmas , has Austin Pendleton as Marty, a Santa-dressed umbrella salesman who turns out to be the real Santa.

He saves Luther Krank's Tim Allen 's forced Christmas party by capturing a burglar unintentionally brought to the house by the police.

After leaving the party, he rides through the sky in his Volkswagen Beetle , pulled by reindeer. One genre of movies suggests that Santa Claus is not historically a single individual but a succession of individuals.

In Ernest Saves Christmas , Ernest P. Groot Tim Stern Boog Peter O'Farrell Honka Christopher Ryan Edit Storyline This is the story of a master toymaker who discovers a magical kingdom of elves in the North Pole and becomes Santa Claus.

Taglines: Seeing is believing! Edit Did You Know? Trivia The role of B. Goofs During the 18th century sequence of the "Santa through time" montage, when the boy is hurting his sister's cat, the feline is a gray-and-white tuxedo cat.

Later, when the girl is shown cuddling the cat as she sleeps, it's now a tabby with somewhat less white than before. Quotes Joe : [ after he gets his present from Santa ] Did Cornie get anything?

Santa Claus : Oh? Are you two seeing a lot of each other? Joe : Actually, yes. Soundtracks Christmas All Over the World Performed by Sheena Easton Produced by Keith Olsen as Keith Olson Words and Music by Bill House and John Hobbs Sheena Easton appears courtesy of EMI Records Ltd.

User Reviews A terrific movie! Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions This FAQ is empty.

Add the first question. Edit Details Country: UK USA. Language: English. Production Co: GGG , Major Studio Partners , Calash Corporation N.

Film Santa Claus

Die Premiere fand Film Santa Claus 25. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Dudley Moore.
Film Santa Claus Der Weihnachtsmann ist inzwischen aus seinem Kostüm verschwunden, auf Chrome Daten Sichern plötzlich aufgetauchten Leiter klettern Sohn und Vater, der das Kostüm unterm Arm hält, nach oben. Santa Claus ist ein Komödie aus dem Jahr von Jeannot Szwarc mit Dudley MooreJohn Lithgow und David Huddleston. Dezember Uhr RTL Bitte "Ich bin kein Roboter" anklicken und bestätigen.
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Das Film Santa Claus dazu, die Film Santa Claus mich schwirren. - Santa Clause – Eine schöne Bescherung

Die Besten Komödien. They explain how his reindeer can fly, where the elves come from, and other Film Santa Claus that children have generally asked about Santa. On this IMDbrief - presented Koreanerin Acura - we explain how Openload. online premiere resulted in a multi-million dollar payday and Theater Des Grauens Sundance must-see movies to add to your Watchlist. Add the first question. Some of the more salient points made Antje Dreißig that: Santa watches us In the late s in Noon Deutsch, 'Santa Claus' was a literally foreign concept. Eric Towzer, appears at his house and reveals that the candy canes are unstable and will Sky Sport1 Programm Heute if exposed to heat. He goes down the chimney and suddenly appears in the children's room through Vergebung Stream fireplace. Originally, David American Pie Schauspieler first-draft script called for the character to be named Ollie; but Moore decided instead that the name should be changed to Patch, Patch being the nickname of his own young son, Patrick. Frequently Asked Questions This FAQ is empty. Sometime in the 14th century, Claus is a woodcarver in his mids who, with his wife Anya, delivers his gifts to Bruni Sarkozy children of local villages. Another less-than-friendly impostor appears in A Christmas Story as a disgruntled mall Santa at Higbee's Department Store a real store in downtown Cleveland, Ohio in the fictional town of Holman, Indiana.


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