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Biggest Loser 2010

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Biggest Loser 2010

The Biggest Loser (englisch für: „Der größte Verlierer“ im Sinne von Gewicht verlieren) ist eine Die zweite Staffel wurde von Kabel eins ausgestrahlt. Es wird enger: Die Paare müssen sich ins Zeug legen, um noch The Biggest Loser zu werden. Wer muss diesmal die Finca verlassen? Kabel Eins. "'The Biggest Loser' war für mich das bis jetzt Größte in meinem Leben. Research Erstellt: (vorläufig gewichtet: ).

Das große Finale der 2. Staffel

The Biggest Loser (englisch für: „Der größte Verlierer“ im Sinne von Gewicht verlieren) ist eine Die zweite Staffel wurde von Kabel eins ausgestrahlt. In der neuen Folge von „The Biggest Loser – Abspecken im Doppelpack“ am Dienstag, März , um Uhr bei kabel eins regiert der Unmut. Jetzt schlägt für die 16 Kandidaten von "The Biggest Loser April , um Uhr bei kabel eins bitten Boxweltmeisterin Regina Halmich.

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The Biggest Loser UK 2012 - Episode # 1

Season two of The Biggest Loser was held in on Mallorca. The slogan of that season was Abspecken im Doppelpack (Losing weight in double pack). The host was retired boxer Regina Halmich. The Biggest Loser (englisch für: „Der größte Verlierer“ im Sinne von Gewicht verlieren) ist eine Die zweite Staffel wurde von Kabel eins ausgestrahlt. The Biggest Loser: Im Finale traten Gamze, Heino und Sven gegeneinander an. Heino gewann am Ende die Euro Siegerprämie. In der neuen Folge von „The Biggest Loser – Abspecken im Doppelpack“ am Dienstag, März , um Uhr bei kabel eins regiert der Unmut.
Biggest Loser 2010 Tina and Lisa are the losers—the two who had talked of going home before. The morning after Allie is voted off, the contestants assemble and Tina makes Tropisches Fieber announcement. Her daughter, who had also tried out for the show, loses 80 pounds at home. Ada and Elizabeth fell Conan Exiles Obelisken the yellow line, and it was up to America to decide which of the two Biggest Loser 2010 Quarks Vitamine join Patrick and Frado among the final three. At the work out, Frado and Brendan tell Jillian they Fall 39 Kritik to throw the weigh in so they can get Patrick on their team and send Anna home. What better way than as the Biggest Loser? Alison announces that everyone will be returning to their original colors, but they will not be competing as singles. Then they have an immunity challenge, in which contestants have to pick up tennis balls from a court and run to cylinders set up with everyone's name. Each round was last person standing so the last person who finished each round would be eliminated. Brendan speaks to Ada about her parents not having come to makeover week. Januar startete die 6. Benn ProSiebenSat1. Abenteuer Plasberg Persönlich Mediathek im TV Achtung Abzocke Achtung Kontrolle!

Le Comte de Monte Cristo - film Biggest Loser 2010 - AlloCin. - The Biggest Loser – News

Januar ausgestrahlt und von Sat.

Everyone thinks she's crazy for giving up immunity. The players have a challenge: travel to different food stations and answer a question about the food there.

A right answer means you can move to the next station, and a wrong answer means you have to undergo a penalty challenge.

The winner gets 40 weeks of the Biggest Loser meal plan delivered to their home, and letters from home. The Black team wins, but four of the Black team members give their letters to some of the Blue team members who are particularly passionate about hearing from home.

At the work out, Frado and Brendan tell Jillian they want to throw the weigh in so they can get Patrick on their team and send Anna home.

Jillian gets very upset as she feels Anna needs to be on the ranch. She yells at them to play it straight and not throw the weigh in and they both agree.

Alison tells the black team they have to lose more than Alison asks Brendan if he threw the weigh in or played in straight and he answers that he played it straight.

But it turns out he only loses 2 pounds Alison asks him if he wants to rethink his answer he gave her before, and he says no and that he played it straight.

Alison says that Ada had the highest percentage of weight loss and has immunity. At the elimination Anna and Rick vote for Elizabeth and the rest of the team vote for Rick, who is eliminated, as he was a great threat.

First aired October 26, The contestants are told that for the next weigh-in, only one person's weight will count in determining which team wins, and that one person will be selected by the other team.

They won't know which player that is until the weigh-in. The next morning, Jesse gets up early and goes to the gym at 7am, along with Jessica, since he feels they're targets as he lost a lot the previous week, and Jessica typically has low numbers.

Later, Jillian complains to the camera about Liz and the drama that surrounds her. She also complains about Frado, an "alpha male" who manipulates everyone but doesn't want to do work himself, and who has trouble with Jillian ordering him around.

She feels that Frado won't do the work, and then Anna will suffer by being voted off. Frado walks out of the gym.

Eventually, though, Frado returns and apologizes to Jillian for disrespecting her. She feels she's gotten through to him a bit.

The teams face a challenge. They meet with chefs Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia, and half of them make meals as directed, and the other half act as taste testers and pick which meal is best not knowing which team made which meal.

The winner the blue team gets a second advantage at the next challenge. The next challenge involves a Dragon Boat Race, which the blue team has a second advantage for.

They end up winning, but only barely, and their reward is to have the right to refuse the first team member that the black team chooses for the weigh in.

At the last chance workout, Jillian works closely with Elizabeth. She gets Elizabeth to admit that she always felt that she was protected by her two brothers, and that made her feel weak.

On the ranch, she now has two new brothers to protect her, repeating her pattern. Jillian gets her to work for herself and not rely on others.

At the weigh in, the Blue team picks Elizabeth for the weigh-in, and she loses 5 pounds. Other Black Team members with the exception of Patrick, who loses 9 pounds, Brendan who loses 11 pounds and Frado who loses 14 all lose very unimpressive weights, and Bob thinks it's because they all took it easy because they figured Elizabeth would be the one selected to count.

The Black team picks Jessica for the weigh-in, and the Blue team does not change that because they feel that all of their team will do well.

Adam declines to use his 3-pound advantage for himself this week. The Blue Team all have excellent weight losses including a pound weight loss from Adam and a pound loss from Mark , but Jessica loses only 4 pounds, meaning that the Blue team has lost the weigh-in.

Unfortunately, any of the other team member's weights except Aaron's would have resulted in their win, meaning had they chosen to block the Black Team's first choice, they would've won.

At the vote, there is a tie between Adam the biggest threat and Jessica the weakest member. So the Black team is called in to choose, and they choose Adam, the biggest threat.

At home, Adam has done really well. He works out with his brother, who plays football in college.

He goes to the YMCA to ask how he can inspire others, and they start an event to help people get fit.

Adam feels that he has found his calling in life. He wants to go back to school to be a social worker. He has lost pounds.

First aired November 2, 60 minute episode The teams are told that they will be spending the week with the Marines at Camp Pendleton, where they will undergo Marine training.

At the camp, they are subjected to harsh treatment and living conditions, and have a little trouble with the food, which is the same food served to Marine recruits.

They face an obstacle course challenge, with the reward being phone calls home. The Blue Team wins handily as Elizabeth, of the Black Team, passes out and needs assistance.

The Black Team finishes the course but are practically carrying Elizabeth. The contestants came into their last chance workout and Bob and Jillian are especially surprised to see Brendan getting his hair and beard shaved off.

The Teams stayed at Camp Pendleton for Last Chance Workout with Jillian. At the weigh-in, the results are dismal. Then Jesse goes up there and gains a pound!

Bob is surprised at the low numbers Jesse accomplished. Elizabeth gains a pound. Frado gains 4 pounds.

Jillian, Bob, and Ali are all disgusted at Frado, who gains 4 pounds, and he swears there was no game play involved in his gain. Ada had the highest percentage of weight loss, so she got immunity.

The Black Team loses and they unanimously vote off Anna, as the rest of the team is a tight group. First aired November 9, The episode starts out with a grueling workout by Bob and Jillian after the elimination of Anna.

Alison announces that everyone will be returning to their original colors, but they will not be competing as singles.

Instead, they will be paired into teams of two, and one team will be eliminated by weeks' end. Lisa begins to long for home so many decide that when they have the chance, they will send Lisa home.

A temptation soon follows, taking the contestants to a fancy restaurant. Each contestant will be entitled to an appetizer, main course, and dessert, and the winner has the power to choose the new teams.

During the temptation, Aaron asks Brendan that he should win, he got Jesse as a partner. Many of the contestants begin to have doubts about sending Lisa home because she got small calorie items at first, but then got a 1, calorie dessert, saying she saved her calories for dessert.

Ada is very disappointed to be paired with Jessica, considering that Jessica has the second-lowest weight loss percentage and Ada has the second-highest.

The week's challenge follows, calling for each team to make a tower of sugar cubes that reaches 5 feet in height.

The catch: they may only move one cube at a time to the area of building. However, at the one-hour point, Alison announces a "sugar rush", which means that contestants, for 2 minutes only, may move as many sugar cubes as they want to the building area.

The last chance work out arrives, and the contestants are pushed beyond their limits, due to their new teams and due to their poor results the previous week.

Aaron has a breakthrough during a workout with Jillian, and everyone gangs up against Brendan for his decisions in team-making, as well as Lisa for claiming that she did not want to be at the ranch.

Bob tries to convince Lisa that she has accomplished many feats during her stay, and hopes that she reconsiders. First aired November 16, With the elimination of Aaron and Jesse, the contestants learn they will be competing as individuals.

After the workout, Bob and Jillian reward and try to re-focus the players with videos from home.

Bob informs Ada that she did not receive one, as her family never returned any messages that were left. Ada explains that she is used to not having the family support of the other players; Bob encourages her to use her feelings to push herself harder.

The videos from home show how family members have been inspired to lose weight, in particular Patrick's wife, Elizabeth's mother and Mark's cousin, who has lost 65 pounds.

Lisa and Brendan comfort Ada outside, and encourage her to come in, where the rest of the contestants have made a 'video from home' just for her.

In the following workout, Jillian asks Elizabeth to complete the step-up challenge which she never got chance to finish in Boston. She finishes easily, with Jillian giving her hand weights to use from ; the point she fainted in Boston.

The challenge involves keeping their balance on suspended platforms one for each foot above a pool, where one of the platforms will be withdrawn.

Round 1 lasts for 5 seconds, increasing in 5's for each round. The prize is a 1-pound advantage at the weigh in. Ada, Mark and Lisa all survive Rounds 3 and 4, with Lisa and Ada falling in Round 5 25 seconds.

Mark wins the challenge. After, Jillian takes the contestants to Subway for a nutrition challenge. They will judge each other, but can't vote for themselves.

Lisa wins, with the most votes and also the lowest calorie sandwich. At the weigh-in, Frado loses 9 pounds to make him the 2nd to lose pounds, but Jessica only loses 1 pound and Elizabeth loses 4 pounds.

Jessica and Elizabeth fell below the yellow line and after deliberation Frado, Brendan and Lisa all voted for Jessica.

Jessica treats herself to a makeover before meeting her family, including donating some of her hair. At home, it is revealed that Jessica is down to pounds, making an pound loss.

First aired November 23, It's makeover week, and the contestants learn they will also be walking in a charity fashion show for Ford Warriors in Pink, a charity for breast cancer research.

They go to Ken Paves's hair salon for hair and eyebrow shaping, and the men shave their own beards. They then head to Smashbox Studios for a photo shoot for People magazine.

At the runway show, Shanna comes back to guest speak, as she had been undergoing treatment for Grade 3 breast cancer while applying for The Biggest Loser.

She reveals she now has a clean bill of health and has beaten her cancer. The contestants are all surprised by visits from their families in the dressing rooms.

Ada's family did not come, but instead she had a visit from her best friend. They are all in the audience for the formal-wear section of the runway show.

The challenge involves completing laps of Angels Flight, the "shortest" railway in the world feet. Taking the stairs up to the top and back down gets 5 points, taking the trolley gets 1; first to wins.

The prize is a brand new Ford Edge, from Ford Warriors in Pink. No-one takes the trolley. Ada and Brendan have 1 lap to go when they both stop at the top to wait for Patrick.

They decide that he needs the car more with 2 young children, and would never be able to afford one on his own. They follow him on the way down for his last lap and allow him to win.

Elizabeth reaches 70 points 14 laps before deciding she couldn't finish the challenge with Patrick already having won. Brendan speaks to Ada about her parents not having come to makeover week.

She says that she did not wish them to come, and explains that her brother's death may have caused the distance between her and her parents and her not feeling good enough for them.

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When Patrick and Bradley first met in , Patrick was lbs. It was tears of joy. The Houses, whose anniversary is Dec.

What better way than as the Biggest Loser? In second place was New York commodities trader Frado Dinten, 43, who lost lbs.

Fan favorite Ada Wong, 28, a tech company consultant from San Jose, Calif. I did not need to see a certain number to feel like I succeeded.

Biggest Loser 2010
Biggest Loser 2010

Immerhin ist ein Biggest Loser 2010 des Kult-Trickfilms von Disney quasi Majesttsbeleidigung. - Navigationsmenü

Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält desired ggf. The Biggest Loser: Pay It Forward is the tenth season of the NBC reality television series entitled The Biggest Loser. The contestants competed to win a $, prize, which was awarded to Patrick House, the finalist with the highest percentage of weight lost. It premiered on September 21, as the first season to be filmed in high. Gallery: The Biggest Loser episode 4 By Megan DeMarco/Statehouse Bureau Tonight's "Biggest Loser" was jam-packed with a temptation, a guest appearance, a weigh-in, a challenge, two. May 26, at AM Michael Ventrella is the winner of NBC's "Biggest Loser" finale. He went from to pounds setting the record for most weight lost on the show. "The Biggest Loser" show changed my life, and I will forever be grateful. A former nationally ranked synchronized swimmer and professional hair stylist, Ali Vincent was the first female winner on. Who is season 10’s Biggest Loser? Keep reading to found out Patrick House, 28, a 6’2″ former college football player from Vicksburg, Miss., won Tuesday night when he went from lbs. to
Biggest Loser 2010
Biggest Loser 2010 A temptation soon follows, taking the contestants to a fancy restaurant. And Artussage what counts. Lisa becomes re-energized and says she feels proud of herself after the workout. Meanwhile, Jillian decides to ride Ada for remaining morose even after a ten-pound weight loss the night before.


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